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FileVault FileVault 2 Case-Sensitive formatted HDD Case sensitive allows files of the same name but some difference in letter case to be in the same directory "folder". Additional Information We're aware of the low performance reports and apologize about any frustrations it may have caused.

[Mac] Error 3007 Information Gathering

Our teams are working on ways to help improve the Mac user experience. Read below on ways to help performance in the mean time. MacBook Pros that have dual graphics cards can set the Mac to always use the better performing graphics card. To learn how to do this see these Apple related articles: It is recommended to play the game with all settings low at the default resolution of x for optimal performance.

Diablo 3 Errors Explained

Check for a case-sensitive formatted HDD. This format is not supported for installation of Blizzard games. We're working on resolving the issue, but for the time being you may be able to use the workaround below. Many users reported switching to Googles DNS server has resolved the matter for the time being. Other users have reported using a proxy service has resolved the this error as well. This is not supported by Blizzard but you may find additional information about configuring this in our Error thread here.

You may need to download this file again. Resolution Delete the file it references. The game keeps closing on me in the login screen. Now I have no clue how to fix this, can anyone help me??? May 19, I know the server is up, my friend is able to play and he lives not that far from me.

macbook pro cannot log in! Code - Diablo III Blue Post - lydokodita.ga

This is really messed up. Same problem here. Worked fine in all my beta testing. Worked fine all since launch. I even tried reinstalling the whole game and that failed.

I was on last night without any problems. I dont know what happened, but blizzard had to change something last night that change the login process! May 20, I too have a mac and am having the same problem it is very frustrating.

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The joining general chat does not solve the issue.. I didn't think Blizzard was full of so many bugs i jus want to play diablo WTF. Cant even get past the login screen: Error Blizzard, come ooonnnn!

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I just spent 60 bucks to play the new Blizzard's Errors Game. It truly delivers in all levels.

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Right when you think you reached the end of the game and found all the errors easter eggs Man, it's awesome. I recommend this long anticipated game to anyone thats looking to waste 60 bucks and waste a! There is adventure and discovery at every login attempt. It had me coming back for more every time.

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Blizzard keep up the great work and hope your enjoying every cent that you make of this game because you truly deserve every penny for giving us suckers a solid piece of junk. It is still happening, I would be so much further than I am now if I didn't keep on getting crapped upon and thrown out of my own game. When I get a error I keep being told that I have to buy the game too.