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Change Apple Watch app grid to list view. At a Glance. Not all books have page numbers because it costs money to add them in. You can see if a Kindle book you are thinking of purchasing contains page numbers by lloking below the title area for a notice. No notice, no page numbers. Click on the image to the left for a live demonstration of where to find this information.

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  5. If you have enlarged the font for the book on the Kindle, this is the cause. With a larger font, it may take several Kindle screens worth of text to complete a single page in the print book. Related article: When the Kindle first came out, the absence of page numbers created more than a little bit of anxiety. How can I tell what page I am on??? I mean, I have only spent my whole life using page numbers as the reference point for a how far along in the book I am, and b any references to the text that I want to make in a post, article, or other scholarly writing.

    The Kindle is not very well set up to address these other little anxieties I feel. OK, first problem: First editions, fifth edition?

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    Right there you see the intractability of the problem. You get the wackiest correlation if you try to literally use every paper page fo the book. Second, spacing considerations make it almost impossible to come up with a formula that is anywhere near accurate if you try to use all the pages. So, I had positions spread over pages the first page of text was actually page 3. Using this formula I could pretty much find the page in book if I knew the position. In all my test cases, I landed within one page of the text I was searching for if I divided the position number by If you have a friend with the print book and you want to point them to a passage, use of the chapter number might be your best bet.

    Go to a Page or Location in a Kindle Book

    If they want to point you to a passage, you can search for a key term. Or you can both try this little formula and wait for the MLA to provide us some guidance! You can see how to do this at this post here at EduKindle. Like you say, this will become more of an issue as your daughter gets older and has additional citations from many texts for school. Thanks for the comment! I found the answer to the question of citing a kindle book if using APA from blog.

    How is she supposed to cite her sources from books without pagination? I also bought one book from iBooks, which does show the page numbers. Does anyone know if there is an legitimate way to cite a reference from a text on kindle when there are no page numbers given? Hi Lily and thanks for your comment! Publishers increasingly agree with you that people expect page numbers in books, and so they indicate on the product page if the book has them. Look at the bottom of the initial description of the book on the Kindle version page and you will see a page count and a drop down that shows the ISBN of the version of the book that the page numbers are taken from.

    Page numbers, however, are pertinent to reading. Page numbers!

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    Great post. I had the same problem. All you have to do is press menu.

    At the bottom of the page where the progress bar is, you will now see text that says what page you are on and what location. Great point! The Kindle has always worked best when you start on page one and read each page in order. Say I click on to the sub notes and it goes from pg 40 to or something. Then my Kindle will always say my last page read is the even though I have gone back and continued reading.

    My Kindle on my PC will also synch with the notes that I have referenced. This is so annoying. Yes, it is a big step forward, but it is only for a limited set of titles. I agree, though, that Amazon listened to the outcry over this issue! Moderator…please change that previous link to this current link….

    For study purposes Kindle is useless. Try using a calculus text using Kindle software! Text and graphics are data, but page information, edition, chapter references, etc. As many have noted, varying the delivery of the data by changing font, color, etc. Avoiding this problem was easy; Amazon royally screwed up. This oversight was a failure of epic proportions, and could cost them the market.

    I just got the amazon kindle and I love it so far. It is great to read on, even in direct sunlight. Definitely recommend. With the Amazon Kindle you now can have page number references in every e-book they sell. I for one am frustrated with the ebooks. I purchased them for use for my classes and when a prof references a page or assigns pages, I cannot follow along. So, forget ebooks for classroom or citations, etc.

    How To Find Kindle For Mac Page Numbers

    The powers that be should have thought this out. I think David is correct. Possibly colons too, but the correlation is not exact enough to prove that. Page numbers are a layer of information on top of existing text.

    Page Numbers for Kindle Books an Imperfect Solution

    Pagination can be more like subtitles to a movie. Movies can have a number of subtitles in different languages queued according to the timeline. In a movie, subtitles are queued according to the timeline. So you can choose which one you are interested in at any time.

    The pagination can be queued according to the character count. The hard-cover might define page 1 as the range of characters from 1 to , while the paperback can define it as characters More broadly, the basic unit of measure for the purpose of queuing should include: Roll on Kindle 4…. My mother has both a Nook and a Kindle and after playing with both of them I decided on the Kindle. It has a wider book selection than the Nook, and at competitive prices. There could even be a setting that divides up the pages with removable dotted lines or something.

    It would be so easy for Amazon to tweak their program and it would benefit us all greatly. Guido Barbi Well said. I agree. This fix is essentially an easy one with the appropriate software logic changes made to affix embed the hard copy page number reference when creating the ebook version initially. Actually, if done correctly, the edition number could also be automatically embedded.

    This appears to have already been done in other applications as described in the posting on this thread — Dean Ritz Jun 3rd at For example the ability to change font size, the smaller the font the more words per page there for less pages in the book and vice versa. I am an European graduate student in philosophy, now visiting at a US University. However, they are showing up on my kindle app on my phone. The kindle app on my computer is completely updated.

    I had a brief chat with customer service who resent the book to my app and had me delete the original. This resolved the issue and now I can see real page numbers. I asked what caused the problem and they said it was probably an "intermittent issue. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join?

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