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Released in , this real-time strategy video game features 48 scenarios during three battles with 2 nd Manassas being one of them. The game gives you a realistic real-time strategy experience by giving you command of just a small part of the army through either a brigade commander or army commander. The other brigades and armies on the field are commanded by friendly AI.

The game has large battlefield maps and s of troops such as infantry, cavalry, artillery and etc.

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A review by gamespot states that the game is historically accurate, but maybe a little too much so:. Released in , this 2-player strategy board game by GMT game is one of the best-selling and highly rated Civil War board games available. Each turn represents three months during the winter and two months during the summer, with four Action Phases to each turn.

There are also shorter scenarios included that cover , and Two mapboards Three die-cut countersheets One rules booklet 30 action cards Two setup cards Two player aid cards Two army displays 6 six-sided dice. The game has an 8.

Hidden Mysteries - Civil War

The game board is HUGE and really well designed, the counter density is manageable, and the rulebook is relatively short and very clearly written. Released in , this player strategy board game by Mercury Games is a simulation of the largest battle in the Civil War. The game uses a diceless and cardless system for governing movement and resolving combat. Military units in the game are represented by linear blocks instead of the traditional hex and counters which gives the game an appearance of a 19 th century battlefield map.

The game has a 7. The game rules are concise and cover all the game mechanics with clarity, but do need to to be fully read. Released in , this player strategy card game by GMT covers the span of the entire war and allows you to play either President Lincoln or President Davis to command troops, manage generals, conduct assaults and raids and even combat political intrigue among members of your cabinet. The Confederate and the Union sides can each do different things. Confederate players can build ironclads and submarines, conduct overseas purchases and try to secure foreign intervention.

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Union players can build up their naval blockade, fight draft riots, secure the border states and issue the Proclamation of Emancipation. The game allows you to play four yearly strategies plus a grand campaign. Each turn represents four months. The game has a rating of 7. Released in , this 2-player strategy board game by Wizards of the Coast allows you to command generals, infantry, cavalry and artillery in 30 different scenarios that feature the terrain and troop development of each historical battle, from the First Bull Run to Gettysburg. The game also has great reviews on Amazon with a 4.

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  7. Many reviewers noted how easy the game is to understand. Battle Cry: Released in , this 2-player strategy board game by Victory Games is a sprawling, large scale game that covers everything from General Grant and General Lee to Indian raids in the Western territories and includes both land and naval warfare. Once the board becomes full, click and drag to view other placement spots. This is a Flash game you can play for free online.

    If you find something fun, please contact me about free civil war games and I might add it!

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    You can also check out my slideshow of Civil War computer games, video games, and boardgames at the bottom of the main Gettysburg game page. Skip links Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. Facebook Comments Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Certain weapons can only be captured by raiding supplies or taken from the enemy on the battlefield.

    Enhanced unit control: Detach skirmishers to send them to scout those hills ahead. Dismount the cavalry to become less visible to the enemy or mount for fast flanking charges and supply raids. Supplies are extremely important and you have to plan and defend the provisions otherwise the battle might end for you early. Advanced Artificial Intelligence: You will face a strong enemy. AI will flank you, will hit your weak spots and undefended high ground, will chase and cut your supplies and will try to destroy unguarded artillery batteries.

    AI will use terrain and will take cover and retreat if overwhelmed. Terrain matters: Trenches, lines, fences, houses, fields — everything can help to achieve victory, if you know how to use it. Hills will allow you to see enemy units earlier.

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    Rivers and bridges can become natural obstacles that will help you to defend. Forests can help you hide your movements and flank the enemy. Beautiful maps: We believe that modern technology allows hardcore war-games to finally stop being brown on green hexes. Hardcore, deep war games can be beautiful. In our game, every historical battle landscape is accurately hand-drawn, utilizing data from satellite and historical maps.

    The topography plays immense strategic role and helps to understand how battles were fought and to learn history. System Requirements Windows. Windows 7 - 32 bit Processor: Intel i3 Memory: Version 9.

    Windows 10 - 64 bits Processor: Intel i5 Memory: All Rights Reserved. See all. View all. Click here to see them.

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