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Startup Disc Full Warning on Mac OS X

Each disk or partition has your Mac data on it, which consists of your operating system, applications, etc. Most Mac users have just one disk but power users may have two or more. A Mac with two disks will have the storage divided between them.

How Do I Free up More Space on My MacBook?

The Mac drive with the OS on it is the startup disk while the other drive is just used for storage of files. This is easy. There is no more space! Your startup disk is almost full and this is very bad news for any drive. So how do you fix your full startup disk? The same way you solve the problem of a packed fridge - you need to clear up space, of course.

To make more space on your startup disk you will need to:. So, now that we know what a startup disk is, we need to talk about how to fix it. After selecting this box, your desktop should now show the hard disks on your mac, in the form of icon s , like this:. Found yours? So, how big is your hard disk? These should also give you other ideas as to how else to fix it — You know your Mac better than we do!

When your Mac starts to show: “startup disk full” error

Cache files are files that help your Mac run programs a bit more smoothly. Think of them like blueprints for a house: However, over time, these caches can start to take up some serious space. Periodically, removing them can help free up space. To remove caches:. Deleting cache files is generally safe for your Mac.

And once you delete them, the applications and processes you run on your Mac will generate fresh, new ones.

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But, when deleting, worry more about removing them based on size rather than just removing all of them. A utility that correctly cleans up these files and pretty much everything else on this list is, you guessed it, CleanMyMac X. It cleans up even your system caches with just a few clicks.

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  5. Just saying…. Read more: How to Clear Cache on a Mac? This may seem as a pretty bad news.

    My Startup Disk is Full on Mac: What Should I Do?

    When the Mac startup disk achieves its absolute performance, this means 2 things, precisely speaking 2 consequences:. Most people do not know, actually, that their Mac is converting a free startup disk space into virtual memory, which you use for daily operations. Do you need this? In order to get to the root of the problem and find the solution, you have to identify what takes up all the space on your startup disk.

    To get a complete idea of how your space is being applied, perform the following actions:. Now you can see how much space is left and what is actually stored on your disk. In case you have taken up free disk space, it is time to remove some files or add a new hard drive. Why lucky?

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    Because these files are sent or transferred to another space very simply. Any external storage device or iCloud store will do the trick, and your Mac will thank you for getting more space. However, there is one more scenario in which other unnecessary apps occupy a free space with files that you cannot or do not want to delete. Obviously the situation is somewhat more difficult.

    Mac Startup Disk is Full - 15 Tips to Clear Disk Space

    These recommendations will give your Mac an additional space. The Mac system, like all other operating systems, is dependent on the creation of temporary files, caches, and backup copies for proper operations. However, afterwards, as this data is created, it remains hidden on your Mac, killing the place for no purpose. Good news! It is quite easy to delete these meaningless files, free additional GB of memory, and completely clean your startup disk without affecting your personal data. Please help. Jan 8, 1: Sep 29, I had the same problem when I updated to macOS Sierra — the updater got stuck and even the safe mode boot did not work.

    I had to boot into recovery mode and fix it — it needs couple of commands from command line but it is easy.

    How to Fix Disk Full Error Mac Problem. Manual and Automatic Methods

    I wrote here how I did it:. Jan 16, Jan 18, 7: Startup disk full, computer won't turn on! More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Leandra65 Leandra Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Limnos Limnos.