Mac give me sun vs nars laguna

This bronzer is great for beginners as it is not too much pigmented and perfect for a natural look. This bronzer is incredible and it smells like chocolate! It is so incredibly pigmented and blends amazingly. If you want to look as if you spend the whole day out in the sun, this is the go-to bronzer.

This matte bronzer is a little bit more on the orange-red undertone. I absolutely love it for the summer season, especially when I am a little bit tanner. Like the others, this one is super pigmented and blends flawlessly. As you can see, this bronzer is a little more orangey for me but I still absolutely love it. You just need the tiniest amount to have a gorgeous sun-kissed glow. I bought another from Shu Uemera but it was orange-y and had too much glitter in it to be natural. Oh yeah, bronzer with glitter is so difficult to use! You could use it too add a bronzing glow to your complexion or maybe as an eyeshadow?

I love all the Too Faced bronzers! You will love it! It is my absolute favourite and it is worth every penny. Great info I am looking for one that would work for me. I have a drugstore one but just recently started playing with it.

NARS Laguna Bronzer vs MAC Bronzer | A Bronzer Showdown

Thank you so much again, what type of brush would you recommend? I just also bought some from BH cosmetics, also to start lol. The way you describe these make them sound so wonderful… now I want to go out and buy them! Aw haha I think it shoes how much I really love them! I use warmth by bare minerals! But you are making me want to try these!! They sound amazing! They are!


I was literally on my way into the city to buy a new bronzer when I saw this — perfect timing! Same here! Yes of course! I really should rectify this situation. Yes, it is so easy to either go overboard with bronzers!

Nars Laguna Bronzer Vs Mac Bronzer Review | Tanning Lotion

This is great! MUFE bronzers are amazing! I know that Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Dior etc. The Beauty Bloss. It is gorgeous and it smells like chocolate! Hi Arielle, love your post on bronzers! These are so gorgeous! Definitely going to splurge on Mac Give Me Sun for my wedding after seeing your post! Thank you! Yes, it is a really good one! Oh I loved this post a lot! Could you do a series on highlighters? Or maybe like your favorite contouring set?

I would really love that! Too Faced Dark Chocolate bronzer has been on my face almost every day the past few weeks…love it! Haha I know, it smells so good sometimes I just want to eat it! I have been wanting to try out Nars for ages, I am so glad I bought Casino — it is my all-time favourite! Bronzers are indeed amazing. It will be such an amazing look: Definitely looking into the ones you posted when all mine are gone! I used to work there in college so I was pretty stocked up.

Oh wow you must have had such an amazing collection! Thanks for sharing! I love love love bronzers and my favs have to be: Mac bronze, Ellen Tracy sun, and Mac bronze glow. I have seen Mac bronze and it is so gorgeous! Omg such pretty bronzers. I SO wish I could use bronzer. You can go to Sephora and ask for bronzers that are really more pale! I think that the Hoola from Benefit can be great if you add a small amount, or those from The Body Shop are pretty good as well for paler skintones!

Thank you so much! MUFE bronzers are amazing, they just came up with new ones as well but they had a bit too much sheen to them for my taste! Hey , nice post. I am really looking forward of buying a good bronzer. Hi Arielle!

My Go-To Bronzers

I absolutely love the MAC bronzer. I am a MAC girl since i have pretty much all of their products. I will definiely let you know if how I feel about them. Thanks again for your post.

I love MAC as well, especially their bronzers, blushes, lippies and eyeshadows basically everything haha. And the price point is pretty decent too I find. I love that your Nars bronzer is different than just Laguna, sometimes I feel like people only talk about the same products all the time.

Nars Laguna VS Benefit Hoola Bronzer / Which is better?

Love this post! I absolutely love Casino, it is true that not a lot of people are talking about this shade! I just discovered how great bronzer can look all over the face myself other than the traditional 3 swoop contour method and really want to try Laguna, casino is probably at tad too dark Currently obsessing over how awesome you blog is btw! XX Allison. I love Dark Chocolate Soleil! Yes, I have seen a few youtubers that are using it but maybe it is because it is still a bit new! Just recently, I have found a new found love for bronzers. I will have to give some of these a try.

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