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On http: I hope I spare somebody else the time I've spent with searching the net Cheers, Phil. Getting Brother-Printer drivers to work Mon Jun 03, 5: If i want to print a testpage on cups weppage the Job will Be sent and complite but nothing happens with the hardware. Getting Brother-Printer drivers to work Tue Jun 25, For me it worked by combining http: The first site is in German, but I simply replaced the complete cupsd. Than I did Code: Last edited by Juanchito on Wed Jul 03, 4: Getting Brother-Printer drivers to work Mon Jul 01, 7: Can you be more verbose about what you did to make the printer work?

Thanks a lot, M. Getting Brother-Printer drivers to work Wed Jul 03, 7: I installed CUPS without any problem, but cannot find the needed drivers in the printer configuration.

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When I install the drivers from the Brother-Website I know, it's the wrong architecture , I can setup the printer, but its not possible to print something. Getting Brother-Printer drivers to work Wed Jul 03, 4: So follow the link and click on I'm finding it difficult to install the printer driver or use this link http: Good Luck, Juanchito. Getting Brother-Printer drivers to work Sat Aug 03, 9: I tried the link but no test page is out I have this message Code: Preparing to replace dcpclpr 1.

Unpacking replacement dcpclpr Setting up dcpclpr 1. No such file or directory chown: No such file or directory chgrp: No such file or directory chmod: No such file or directory ln: File exists ln: File exists dpkg: Preparing to replace cupswrapperdcpc 1.

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Restarting Common Unix Printing System: Unpacking replacement cupswrapperdcpc Setting up cupswrapperdcpc 1. Will you specify the Device URI?

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Specify IP address. Getting Brother-Printer drivers to work Sat Aug 03, 6: I installed the printer in cups but when I try to print a page test, nothing out. Getting Brother-Printer drivers to work Tue Aug 13, 9: Here is what I already tried and the results: At first I downloaded the. After a bit of googleing I found this thread and some person here linked to the Brother-homepage where I was able to find the source-code of the driver for my printer. So I downloaded it and used the bash-script to install. No errors - great!

The first thing I noticed was, that two printers were found with the same name. One of them with "pdl-datastream" in URL and one withe "printer".

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I tried both with the installed driver for my DCPcn but none of them printed my Testpage. So I read further through this thread and found that post from Juanchito with the hint of that nice little script from Brother that should make installing the printer easier.

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So I downloaded an ran this script, but I realised that it downloaded the precompiled ipackages for my printer. So I went on. At the end of the script it allowed my to print a testpage and so I did.

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This is what I tried so far. I have no clue how to go on and finally get my printer working. Has anybody an idea what I did wrong or what I forgot to do? Thank you very much! In the General tab, check " Hard disks " in the " Show these items on the desktop: Your hard drive icons will appear on the desktop. Related FAQs Uninstall the drivers. If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs? Have you checked the manuals?

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Go to the Manuals section. If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service: Go to the Contact Us section. To help us improve our support, please provide your feedback below. Step 1: How does the information on this page help you? Very helpful Helpful Not helpful.